Cost Cutter

Objective: Make a large-scale copy of a small cutting tool for exhibition to customers.
Solution: Print out the intricate tool using the precise SD300

Iscar is the world’s leading innovator of metal cutting tools and techniques for machining.  This supplier of carbide metalworking tools recently attracted the attention of Hathaway Berkshire who took a major interest in Iscar.  When presenting their products at exhibitions and to investors, Iscar shows off a large-scale model of their small, precise tools produced by the in-house SD300 printer.  The model, made of Solido’s PVC and adhesive material, is sanded, painted and shown to customers.  These large-scale models also are used by the technical design team at Iscar for demonstration and analysis.

If the top cutting company in the world uses the SD300 to cut their marketing costs and to create their own marketing tools, think of how it will help your company.