Part of your World

Objective:  Create a prototype part to check the design and functionality of the company product before creating a mold and going to production.

Solution:  Use the SD300 to print out the part.

RPM GmbH needed a benchmark prototype part to check the design and functionality for their new product.  They turned to Encee – CAD/CAM Solutions, a German based Rapid Prototype Service office to print the 3d model before going into final production.  Using the SD300 Printer, the part was created down to the smallest detail like the living hinge and locking clip.  The combination of the PVC and adhesive materials used in the SD300 gave the clips similar strength and functionality to the final injected part.  Not only did the SD300 prototype feel and bend like the final part, the clicking noise made when the clips locked sounded just the same.
Encee – CAD/CAM Solutions was able to create the exact part their client needed and help them finalize production. Wouldn’t you want to have the SD300 as part of your world?