The Bicycle Story

Objective:  Make a true scale model of a folding bicycle for design testing. 

Solution:  Print out the entire bicycle part by part using the SD300 printer.

A leading international product development company, Ziv-Av Engineering, decided to use the SD300 Printer to create a folding bicycle for their client. The printed bicycle was going to be a 1:1 scale model that tested the mechanical design prior to starting production. The bicycle was divided into parts, and each part was constructed in sections using the SD300 Sdview software application. Standard commercial adhesives allowed the parts to be made, with the SD300 PVC material simulating aluminum cast strength quite nicely.
The final bicycle parts were assembled and the mechanical design was tested and improved for final production. The whole bicycle was built in less than 5 days using a single in-house SD300 printer.
The development team saved money for the company by building the bicycle in-house with the SD300 printer. They didn’t have to re-create the wheel, just use our printer.