Please Take a Seat

When Italian furniture-maker Colico needed a usable model of their newly designed chair for an exhibition, they didn’t just sit around.  Collaborating with CAD/CAM solutions company Antares Italia, a 1:1 scale model of their new chair was created using the SD300 3D printer and commercial adhesives.  The chair arrived at the exhibition fully functional, allowing customers to test it out and give their feedback.  After the exhibition, the customer feedback was used for finishing up the design and then the company was ready to make the final mold.

How did Colico save money and time using the SD300?

  1. Creating a functional model for the exhibition,
  2. Allowing customers to give valuable feedback and
  3. Finishing up the design before going into final production

You too can use the SD300 to save time and money in the design process.

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