Message from the Chairman

Improvements in 3D printing technologies over the last decade have been remarkable. The current range of advanced solutions available to design professionals is wide and ever expanding. Yet, one significant obstacle has been impeding the industry from realizing its full growth potential. While the demand for effective solutions is irrefutable, the high costs of entry and ownership have priced-out firms and individuals on more restrictive budgets.

At Solido, we believe that our high performance and cost effective SD300Pro is the solution that will turn the dream of placing a 3D printer on every design professional’s desk into reality. Dynamic, robust, and capable of producing transparent, flexible models, our SD300Pro is the first truly accessible, full service 3D printer. The 3D printing industry has long conjectured about when the cost of high quality solutions would work in favor of the end user. That time has come.

The superior user experience and affordability of our SD300Pro marks a new beginning for the 3D printing community. The marketplace landscape that once offered only high priced solutions now includes a product that makes high quality 3D printing available to all. I am excited about the future of printing in 3D!