What are the Unique features of the SD300 Pro?

The SD300 Pro offers a low cost of ownership. It is easy to use, yet very reliable. The physical properties of the parts produced are strong and durable. In addition, flexibility can be achieved in required areas. The SD300 Pro

Where can I see a working printer?

You may see a workingf printer at one of our certified reseller sites in your local area. We will also be presenting the machine at upcoming industry events. Details are in the Events Schedule.

What is the operating concept of SD300 Pro 3D Printer based on?

The printer is very straight forward, easy to use and requires minimal maintenance. The build concept works on a plastic sheet lamination technique. Layers are laminated, one on top of the other as the build process proceeds

Do I require any special skills to operate the SD300 Pro printer?

No special skills are required to operate the SD300 Pro 3D Printer. The printer is very user friendly and easy to operate. Following a short training session during the printer installation, one may start printing models immediately.

Can I build more than one model at a time?

Yes, multiple parts can be produced simultaneously.

How many models will I be able to build with one consumable kit?

This depends on part size and geometry. A full material kit can create a solid block of 160mm/6.3in x 210mm/8.26in x 110mm/4.33in (xyz). As many parts that fit in to this solid block can be produced by one material kit.

Can the engineered plastic used to produce parts in the SD300 Pro be recycled?

Yes, the engineered plastic material used by the SD300 Pro can be easily recycled.

What is the build accuracy of the SD300 Pro?

The build accuracy is +/- 0.1mm (xy axis tolerance), 0.168mm (z axis resolution).

What happens if the consumables run out while the machine is in operation?

The consumable quantity is managed by the printer’s software. When a material kit is fully consumed, the printer will pause and present a “Replace Material Kit” message on the display board. Following the material kit replacement, one may resume the build and continue the printing process.

How much consumable materials will be needed over a year? With high use, moderate use, low use?

An average printer consumes between 2-4 kits of material each month depending on printing volume.

What is done with the machine in case of malfunction?

Solido offers on-line technical support to solve any problem. Following installation, you will receive contact information for the technical support centre in your area.

Is the SD300 Pro safe to use in an open office area, or is a closed room needed?

The SD300 Pro is an office friendly desktop printer. Its does not require a closed room, and can be positioned at any user’s workstation. The hardware, including all materials, have been checked and approved and are in complience with CE and FCC (Class A).

What is the delivery time for the SD300 Pro once an order is placed?

Up to 60 days from ordering.

With which CAD/CAM software is the SD300 Pro most compatible?

The SD300 Pro is compatible with any CAD software that exports STL files.

Is the SD300 Pro “plug n’ play” ready for any .stl file? 

Out of the box installation takes less than 20-30 minutes. Following the installation procedure, you may immediately start printing.

Are there any design limitations that the SD300 Pro might encounter?

Yes, the SD300 Pro is limited to geometries with wall thickness of at least 1mm. In addition, deep holes in some cases may need to be drilled.

Who has been successfully using the SD300 Pro? What industries and for what applications?

As of today, the SD300 Pro has been used successfully in many markets. Some of our users are: mechanical engineers, product designers, automotive industries, R&D companies, military and defense research engineering, educational systems and medical industries.

Does the SD300 Pro require scheduled maintenance?

The SD300 Pro does not require scheduled maintenance. If any particular maintenance issue is in question, one should contact Tech Support.

How will the SD300 Pro contribute to my work process ?

The SD300 Pro provides time effective feedback during all stages of your design process. Starting from conceptual mockup modeling down to final engineering stages, your decision making will be completed faster. There is no need to outsource your 3D parts for modeling when you have the cost effective, yet available solution in the market at your work station.

How does the SD300 Pro compare to the competition?

The SD300 Pro 3D Printer is the best cost performance solution available in the market today. When comparing parts built in the SD300 Pro technology to the competition at a price level that is up to 100% higher in cost, one can see that the technology provides a pure value for money solution. Part accuracy, physical and mechanical properties, as well as overall aesthetics offer a fine solution for each step in your design process.

How are the models affected by high temperatures and water?

Parts produced by the SD300 Pro can withstand a temperature of up to 70 degrees Celsius or direct UV without showing distortion. In addition, the physical properties of parts built in the printer will not be effected when coming in contact with water.

Can parts built using the SD300 Pro be combined to form a larger model?

Yes, larger parts can be produced in smaller sections that can later be connected with standard super glue. The quality of the part/s will not be effected in any way.

Can the machine be easily transported? What is the procedure?

The SD300 Pro 3D Printer can be easily transported and set up again in less than 15 minutes. The printer’s small size enables easy car access for quick transport. A Packing procedure can be found in the SD300 Pro User Manual.

Can models created with the SD300 Pro be painted or altered for aesthetic purposes?

Yes, models created in the SD300 Pro can be machined, drilled, finished and painted, showing no distortion over time. Finishing parts built in the SD300 Pro will give your presentations a dynamic edge.

What happens if electricity turn off  while the machine is in operation?

No problem, just turn on the SD300 Pro and the PC, the printing process will automatically start from the last executed operation.

How long does it take to replace a Material KIT?

The complete replacement of the KIT (composed of PVC roll, glue cartridge, anti-glue cassette and anti-glue pens) is an easy operation that takes just few minutes.

How long does it take between two consecutive prints?

The stop time of the printer before to start a new printing is of few seconds, just the time to remove the part from the printer table.

Can SD300_Pro be shared on a local net?

Yes, the printer can be shared on the network. Every user can prepare his files and place them in the printing queue.

What happens if my STL file contains errors?

SDView automatically checks and fixes all imported STL files to detect any open surfaces, double triangles etc.. If the geometry cannot be repaired, a warning message will appear.

May I print molds?

Yes, you can print any kind of mould with SD300 Pro and inject silicon based materials to obtain the parts. Moulds are strong enough to allow the injection of several parts.