SD300 Pro 3D Printer

This desktop 3D printer is an office friendly, network compatible peripheral.  It allows you to create three-dimensional models directly from 3D CAD data, right at your workstation.   Immediate feedback from colleagues and customers and improved design communication is now possible. Development time and costs can be reduced significantly.

Rapid prototyping can now live up to its name with the SD 300 3D Printer.  You can create the design and hold it in your hands without leaving your desk.



The SD300 Pro 3D Printer carries both a low initial investment cost and low cost of ownership.  There are no post-build curing processes required and no need for dedicated personnel.  In addition, the price of the SD300 Pro consumable materials is very economical, giving an extremely attractive build cost per model.

Ease of Operation

Anyone can operate the SD300 3D Printer.  The model build process requires no intervention and the replacement of consumable materials can be done by anyone – it is no more complicated than changing cartridges on a copy machine or a 2D printer.  The SD300 creates no ambient dust or residue so there is no cleanup required after each build.

Durable models

Using Plastic Sheet Lamination, the SD 300 Pro 3D Printer produces rugged yet flexible models made of SolidVC ®, a rigid PVC based plastic.  The accuracy, strength and durability of the parts produced by the SD300 Pro make them perfectly suitable for all stages of the design cycle, from concept verification through form, fit and functional testing, including snap-fit.  Models can be machined, drilled, finished and painted, and they show no distortion over time.

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