Data Sheet

Printer Specifications

Technology 3D printing – Plastic Sheet Lamination
Build Material Engineered Plastic
Material color Amber transparent, Red, Blue, Black and Cream
Accuracy +/- 0.1 mm (XY)
Layer thickness 0.168 mm (Z)
Maximum model size 160 X 210 X 135 mm (XYZ)
Dimensions W465 x L770 x H420 mm
Weight without cartridge and roll 36 Kg
Weight with cartridge and roll 45 Kg
Power consumption 620W (maximum power, in process)

100-120 / 200-240VAC

50/60 Hz.

Operating temperature 18ºc  to  35ºc
Sound level Max 65 db(A)
Max ambient humidity 80% Relative Humidity

     Software &Requirements

Language English
Input File Formats Supported STL
Output File Supported SDM (Proprietary)
Platforms Supported Windows 2000, XP
Processor Pentium IV, 1500Mhz
Interface USB